Self- Love Photography

Self-love PhotoCoaching sessions provide you with the opportunity to really focus on learning to love yourself and gain confidence in your outer expression. Of course, true self-love comes from within, so these sessions work to aid you on your self-love journey. As well as a dedicated photoshoot, you will receive practical tips on learning how to love and embrace yourself, inside and out. These sessions are a great way of tracking your journey and can be offered on an ongoing basis, as well as one off experience.

Self-Love Photography Sesions

These sessions combine self-love coaching with a photography experience to give you a personal and unique experience. These shoots aim to capture your beautiful essence and reflect your inner radiance. 

Each 90 minute session is crafted around you. This is your time to explore yourself and how you would like to show up in the world. We will look at ways you can improve your confidence that work immediately and help you to feel empowered on your shoot.

You will leave feeling beautiful and inspired.  You will have practical tools to  help you deepen your connection to yourself and continue your self-love journey 

You will receive 10 edited, high resolution images plus The 'Owning my Radiance' workbook. 

Shoots can either take place in a studio setting or an arranged outdoor space. This will be discussed prior to the session.

N.U.D.E Sessions

N.U.D.E stands for Natural Unapologetic Divine Expression. These sessions are all about exploring self-acceptance and loving ourselves exactly as we are. Your 90 minute session will explore your current feelings around how you feel about yourself in your natural state. Our shoot will capture your raw beauty, makeup and filter free. We will tailor the session so you will only expose what you feel comfortable with. This is often face, neck and shoulders. However we can explore anything through to boudoir and body positive nudes. This will be discussed prior to our session.

You will leave feeling a deep sense of self-acceptance and with practical tools to aid you on your journey of loving yourself exactly as you are.

You will receive 10 minimally edited, high resolution images and a copy of The Radical Self-Acceptance workbook.

“Siobhan really helped me with the self-connection coaching and at the end we did the photoshoot. It was such a lovely day and Siobhan really put me at ease. Thankyou.”