Self- Connection Coaching

Self-Connection is about having an awareness of the quality of relationship you have with yourself. It encompasses self- love, self-nurturance and looks at a human being as a whole. 

This holistic approach asks us to view ourselves as multifaceted beings and asks us to get to know each part of ourselves. 

Self-connection sessions are for those seeking clarity and understanding in their own relationship with themselves. They may want to uncover inner truths, reconnect to their passions, learn to love themselves, learn self-care strategies or learn how to be compassionate and accepting with different parts of themselves. We will work together to explore your current situation and how to move into more connected territory.

One of the foundations of self-connection is having open, honest communication with yourself and identifying the places where you feel lack. It can be difficult for people to reach this level of vulnerability with themselves at times, especially if they have complex histories and lots to uncover. They may find them selves in a state of emotional or physical overwhelm so actively disconnect to avoid dealing with pain/difficulties.

 I provide my clients with a safe space to explore those things that have been weighing them down.

Once we have awareness of where you feel lack and the places you feel unfulfilled, then we can start looking deeper at the circumstances around it. We can begin to break down the walls of self-doubt, limitation and false beliefs that have been built in moments of protection and contraction.

We can begin to excavate the unmet need. 


When you begin to meet that unmet need with love and compassion that's when everything changes. That's the conception of the true understanding of your worth. When you see yourself through eyes of vulnerability-  And vow to give yourself everything you need.

Together we create a road map to move you to a more connected state of being. 

This is when we start making commitments to our growth. We set an intention, which leads to a thought that will benefit our being. We act on it, we embody it and we express it. 

We become that thought and it becomes our reality.

Writing An Empowering New Ending

Together, we create vision plans, self-care plans and look at the areas of your life that you need to give the most attention to.

This process is about honouring your intuition and listening to the needs of the whole. Stepping into your being. Being more you that you have ever felt. Being authentic and living in line with your values, regardless of what others may think. Living in alignment with the things that set your soul alight. It's having a fulfilling and joyful relationship with you and consequently others. 

It's about writing empowering new endings and the refusal to accept less than what you're worth.

I have witnessed some truly beautiful transformations in clients I have worked with. Some have had the courage to walk away from relationships that no longer serve them & work situations that make them unfulfilled in favour of more nurturing friendships and following what they feel called to do. Showing up more fully in their lives and feeling a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment. Others have felt more at ease with themselves, their own company and take better care of their needs.

I am blown away! Honestly, its not even just the end product, its the whole journey. I really think you have such a gift and healing aura. I am so excited to connect with you more going forward, and of course, myself. Self-connection is often a struggle for most people so I'm looking forward to continuing my journey. I'm glad to finally be embracing it to the fullest and also gaining confidence to share some of it with other women.

Jenny, Sheffield.