Journal Therapy

Journaling was one of the most important and therapeutic practices on my healing journey. So much so that I was inspired to study it further and use Journal Therapy in my coaching practice with clients. 

 I have always loved writing but there's something so personal and self-reflective about journaling. It allows you to connect with the many layers of yourself and shed light on things you didn't even know resided within you. It gives voice to your subconscious thoughts and feelings and allows you to unravel complexities and situations that you didn't realise were even affecting you.

It can allow you to reach core issues and form profound new perspectives in ways of looking at and dealing with those issues & the emotions around them. 

Journaling has many proven health benefits, mentally, emotionally and even physically. Studies have shown that it can help with chronic pain, stress & anxiety and can even speed up the physical healing of wounds. It can help boost our immune system and bring a greater sense of calm to our lives. It can help us to heal, process, attain and grow.

There are many unique and creative styles of journaling from prompted questions, visual journaling to freestyle writing. It's about finding a style that works for you. That helps you to connect with what's going on within and helps you to move that outwards. Like art, it's a form of self-expression and there are many different ways we can do this. 

 I guide my clients into exploring different journaling styles and finding the right ones to suit them at any particular time. I help guide them into a state of flow to help them find ease with putting pen to paper, even if its the first time they have journaled. We work together to explore journaling practices and ways to build them into their lives. I also help them to make sense of their expressions, explore their feelings and what came up for them. 

The feedback I have received from clients has been amazing. Here are some words from a client that took part in a recent 5 day introduction I hosted:

"That was a wonderful experience. Thankyou so much Siobhan. It was exactly what I needed at this time and it's definitely a skill I will continue to use on my journey. The whole experience, doing this together, the structure and the progress I made within myself was truly incredible. I loved the time travelling trick at the end too. Thankyou."

Marie, Sheffield.

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If you are interested in finding out more about how journaling could help you find more guidance in your life right now,  Lets connect. I would love to share this beautiful practice with you and help you to get the most out of it!

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