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Siobhan Louise - The Self- Connection Coach

Siobhan is a qualified Life Coach & Body Love Mentor. Formerly a Complementary Therapist, Siobhan holds an interest and understanding in the mind-body connection and works holistically with her coaching clients to ensure balance throughout all key areas of life.

Siobhan works with her clients to help them to connect with the healing and transformative practice of self-connection. She became interested in self-love and connection as healing methodologies after experiencing profound life changes after embarking on her own self-love journey. She also uses the power of writing to help women heal. Through journal therapy techniques and poetry, writing has become part of her calling.

She set up The Innate Self-Love Project in 2018 as a support network for those stepping onto healing journeys, She runs workshops, talks and hosts Connection Café Social Meets in her home city of Sheffield.


As far back as I can remember I had struggled with the way I looked. I grew up fast and started puberty young. I had the body of a women at age 9 and was teased about having bigger breasts than the rest of my peers. I had also developed stretch marks on my thighs and began to loathe them. 

As puberty took hold, I suffered badly with acne. I also got teased about my facial features by family members. I brushed the comments off but internalised them.

I also suffered physical and mental abuse throughout childhood which caused me to contract and feel small.

These feelings translated into low self-worth through out my teenage years and into my twenties. To the point of addiction & serious health problems. I abused drugs and alcohol as a way of escaping and to feel a sense of connection, to myself and others. 

Eventually in 2016, after many years of abuse & self-loathing, I suffered from a nervous breakdown/spiritual crisis. It was a time of awakening but in the most jarring and painful way. During this period I was forced to deal with the difficult roots of the pain that I had been avoiding, stemming right back to childhood. Many years of suppressed trauma, abuse, neglect and traumatic experiences came rushing to the surface. I spent many months barely functioning whilst I dealt with the things that were coming up and the energy surging through my body.

I became interested in self-love and connection as healing methodologies after experiencing first hand the profound life changes they brought to me. I  found that learning to love myself and understand my needs were key in my healing. I am passionate about sharing the knowledge and the tools I used in my own healing journey with others, as I believe that by healing ourselves we heal the whole. The strategies I used changed my life forever and brought me to a space of true connection.

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Blending Coaching, Journal Therapy & Photography

Three things I am immensely passionate about:

Coaching - Empowering women to achieve a deeper connection to themselves. Teaching how loving ourselves from the inside out and from the outside in can heal the very darkest corners of our hearts. Helping them to see their humanness and innate divinity co-existing to create something uniquely delicious. Guiding them to the witnessing of their own unfaltering beauty.

Writing - I have always been captivated with the cathartic release of writing down my feelings on paper. I have kept journals since I was a child. Journaling became a pivotal part of my healing journey - A way for me to explore my inner world in a reflective and creative way.

Photography - Since I was a child I found so much mystery and magic in being able to capture the essence of a fleeting emotion. Of stilling a moment in time. Almost like bottling a smell, savouring a taste or immortalising the embrace you never want to end,

I remember, as a child I would buy disposable cameras instead of sweets and take pictures of my loved ones. I would dream up scenes I could recreate and feel the thrill of anticipation whilst waiting for them to be developed. When I left school, I enrolled in college to study photography, only to drop out a few months down the line due to my low self-belief. Photography was rediscovered during my healing phase as a way of exploring joy, reconnecting with a passion and finding beauty in life once again.

I use photography as a tool in helping others see their glory. To show them the way light touches the lines around their eyes when they smile. The way it illuminates the silvery pearlescence of stretchmarks like threads of moonlight. And the way it lays its soft glow on silhouettes like the sunrise behind mountains.. Aesthetic alchemy.

The time came for me when it felt natural to blend together these practices, To create something uniquely special and healing for my clients.

Nothing lights me up more than holding sacred space for a women to heal and become whole. To be able to document that journey from a place of lack to a place of love can provide an empowering reminder to look back on in years to come.


My soul mission is to help re-unite women with their innate divinity. To capture their very essence and present it to them, so that they might see their inner radiance. In being their divine and radiant selves, these women will light the way for those around them, becoming changemakers and beacons of light in their communities.


I envisage a world where women rise. Where we meet our men with grace and love. In unity and connection. Where we are free to express and communicate honestly and openly the wisdom that flows through us. A world where we are empowered by a knowing that we are worthy and permissive of our gifts. A world where we no longer compete or compare because we are in touch with our essence - love itself.