The 21 Day PhotoJournaling Challenge

The 21 Day PhotoJournaling Course

The 21 Day PhotoJournaling Challenge has been designed as a simple and creative way to bring mindfulness and self-reflection to the forefront of your life. Each of the 21 days will encourage you to connect to more of yourself and rediscover some of the basic things that make you you!

The challenge is a fusion of written and visual journaling, combining photography with tradional journaling. Each day for the 21 days, you will receive both a photography prompt and a written prompt to help you reflect. 

You may choose to document your journey through a scrap book, a blog, a traditional or an online journal. Alternatively, in choosing the group experience you will have a private Whatsapp group to share your photos and reflections, as well as forging a new support system and community for the duration of the challenge.

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 The challenge is priced at just £21 for 21 days of journal prompts, guidance and a supportive group where you will be seen on your journey of self-discovery!

Yes, count me in!