Vision Coaching 2021

A in-depth galvanisation programme to let go of 2020 and move forward into 2021 with clarity & soul strategy.

Reflect - Acknowledge - Release - Invoke- Envision

This deep-dive, focussed coaching programme will help you connect to your soul-visions for 2021 and create strategy to enable you to take the action you need to call them forth into your reality! 

This 4 Week, in-depth offering is for you if:

- You know you are capable and deserving of more but feel that you lack the clarity and the skills to get there.

- You would like to follow your heart but feel unsure of the consequences or lack belief in yourself that you could actually make it work.

- You are longing to feel more power in your ability to create the life experiences you truly desire.

- You struggle to maintain forward action in the direction of your goals or feel energy blocks that stop you moving forward.

- You would like to experience more balance in all areas of your life.

- You would like to feel supported, encouraged, have someone hold space for you & hold you accountable.

- You are ready to get actionable and implement change.

This in-depth offering will help you to release the energy of the past year and identify your blessings and lessons to take forward into the new. We will work together to assess your energy in all areas of your life and work on identifying & removing the blocks that have kept you feeling stuck. Together, we will create vision plans and use powerful tools such as visualisation, divination, mantras and writing practices to help create shifts in your energy field, to align you with the energy of your visions.

We will also create structure and strategies to help you in achieving those soul-visions. This is where we work with the formula:

Energy Alignment + Conscious Action = Vision Realisation 

Programme Structure

Session One - 2020 Completion Ceremony 

                         - Reflect & Release

                         - Invoking 2021

Session Two -  Life Facets Energy Assessment

                        -  Creating your Manifesto

Session Three - Soul Connection & Vision Session


Session Four - Masculine/ Feminine Energy 

                         - Harnessing Flow States

                         - Momentum & Powerspace Session

Plus - 2 x Individual Tailored Coaching & Strategy  Sessions

         - A personalised 12 Month Oracle Reading

I created this offering as I too have experienced being in this same space of feeling stuck and out of alignment with the life I wanted to created. I have now shifted to a place where I feel gratitude every single day and can consistently call in the life experiences I wish to create. When I realised the power I held in being able to manifest my desired outcomes, I wanted to share the blueprint I used to empower more women to create the lives that they are worthy of!

What You Get:

- 4 x 60 Min Group Coaching & Masterminding Sessions.

- 2 x  60 Min Personal Coaching Sessions.

- Personalised 12 Month Oracle Reading.

- Weekly Accountability Check-ins.

- Additional Resources, worksheets & pdfs.

- All sessions recorded and follow up notes emailed to you.

- In-between support & direct access to me in between sessions via email/Whatsapp.

- 12 months Access to the monthly accountability exchange.

All this for:

Payment Plan Available

This programme is for those who would like to start the new year committed and with the intention of making lasting changes. It extends far beyond the initial deep-dive, with 12 months of accountability included. This is to help you stay on track with the visions you create and wish to manifest.

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