Inspiring Healing, Expression & Expansion Through Word Alchemy


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Siobhan Louise - 

The Self-Connection Coach

My name is Siobhan Louise and I work with women on a path of healing & spiritual evolution. I help them to forge a more conscious relationship with self, reclaim their connection to body & soul and show up in the world radiating their divinity.

I do this by leading them through a process of internal enquiry and self-exploration. Using a blend of tools, including journal therapy techniques and self-love photography I help them to uncover a deeper, multi-faceted relationship to self and document their healing journey. 

I also provide them with safe spaces for connection, where they can journey alongside others on similar paths and create a nourishing community of support and sisterhood. I do this through online communities, journaling circles, writing workshops, events and retreats.

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I help my clients to:

  • Find nurturance through intuitive self-care.
  • Find acceptance with who they are throughout mind, body & soul.
  • Help them to unearth their unique 'ID' - Innate Divinity- & connect to the goddess wisdom within them.
  • Help them step into elevated levels of self-esteem, self-worth & body confidence.
  • Reconnect them to the things that make their souls glow. 
  • Find support through an inspiring community of women, all on similar journeys. 

Through my work, I enable these women to feel empowered and whole. Ready to show up in the world as a divine expression of feminine wonder - In love with themselves on every level. Together we create strategies to enable them to stop treating themselves as an after-thought and start living in alignment with their new, elevated levels of self-worth.


I myself have been victim to low self-worth. To the point of addiction, serious health problems and breakdown. I have successfully shifted into a more self-loving, connected space. I am so passionate about sharing what I have learnt as I believe no woman should have to struggle the way I did for so long.


I truly feel it is my soul mission & purpose to help women explore and integrate their Innate Divinty. Every woman

has a depth of feminine wisdom and raw energy waiting to be unleashed!

Discovering the art of self-connection can be truly one of the most liberating things we can do for ourselves. It is a deeply personal journey into the delicious and bountiful territory that is YOU!

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“It's not a place out there - not yet; Its the hopeful swelling in here, pressing through our skin, insisting that it was all meant to be more beautiful than this. 

And it can be, if we refuse to wait to die and 'go to heaven' and instead find heaven inside us and give birth to it here and now”

Glennon Doyle,

- Untamed.


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