Inspiring women to live life from their full worth.

A Unique Blend of Coaching, Journal Therapy & Photography for Deeper Self-Love, Body Confidence & Inner-Connection.



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My name is  Siobhan Louise and my mission is to inspire women to live their lives in a more connected and self-loving way. The reason this is my passion is because I have been a victim of low self-worth, to the point of addiction and serious health problems. I have successfully shifted into a more self-loving and connected space and have found that learning to love myself and understand my needs were key in my healing. I am passionate about sharing the knowledge and the tools I used in my own healing journey with others, as I believe that by healing ourselves we heal the whole. Discovering the art of self-connection can be truly one of the most liberating things we can do for ourselves. It is a deeply personal journey into the delicious and bountiful territory that is YOU!

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Blending Coaching, Journaling & Photography

Three things I am immensely passionate about:

  •  Coaching women to achieve a deeper connection to themselves. Teaching how loving ourselves from the inside out and from the outside in can heal the very darkest corners of our hearts. Helping them to see their humanness and innate divinity co-existing to create something uniquely delicious. Guiding them to the witnessing of their own unfaltering beauty.

  • Writing - I have always been captivated with the cathartic release of writing down my feelings on paper. I have kept journals since I was a child. Journaling became a pivotal part of my healing journey - A way for me to explore my inner world in a reflective and creative way.

  • Photography - Since I was a child I found so much mystery and magic in being able to capture the essence of a fleeting emotion. Of stilling a moment in time. Almost like bottling a smell, savouring a taste or immortalising the embrace you never want to end,

 I remember, as a child I would buy disposable cameras instead of sweets and take pictures of my loved ones. I would dream up scenes I could recreate and feel the thrill of anticipation whilst waiting for them to be developed. When I left school, I enrolled in college to study photography, only to drop out a few months down the line due to my low self-belief. Photography was rediscovered during my healing phase as a way of exploring joy, reconnecting with a passion and finding beauty in life once again.

 I use photography as a tool in helping others see their glory. To show them the way light touches the lines around their eyes when they smile. The way it illuminates the silvery pearlescence of stretchmarks like threads of moonlight. And the way it lays its soft glow on silhouettes like the sunrise behind mountains.. Aesthetic alchemy.

The time came for me when it felt natural to blend together these practices, To create something uniquely special and healing for my clients. 

Nothing lights me up more than holding sacred space for a women to heal and  become whole. To be able to document that journey from a place of lack to a place of love can provide an empowering reminder to look back on in years to come.

Claim Your Free Connection Call

A connection call is a great way of finding out more about the work I do and seeing if we can make this work for you.

Connection calls are a great way of connecting and finding out more about each other. 

The calls are complementary and last for around 20 minutes. 

During the call I will ask you some questions about where you are currently at on your self-connection journey and which areas you feel you would like to experience more connection in.

It is also an opportunity to ask me questions about the services I offer and find out if working with me could help you progress in your connection with yourself and to others.

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